We make clothing for automotive enthusiasts who value quality and clean designs. People who understand our lifestyle where motor sports is beyond a hobby and a way of life. I was once told that the most important thing is to protect your brand. Your brand is the cars you drive, the clothes you wear, the way you act and how you are perceived by others. You always need to protect this, for in the end, it is all you have and it is truly how you will be remembered. When you put on your clothes and get in your car you want both of them to be a reflection of who you are. Hollux Industries represents the connection between a love of cars and the clothes you wear with an understated approach. We make clothes that can be worn everyday and not just at meets and car shows while still representing the passion we have for this community. Plain and simple we are car people.  We’re the guys that spend all of our time day dreaming of our next car or our next mod and are also doing what it takes to achieve these desires.  We are living up to the impossible standards of the car world and want Hollux Industries to represent your own personal brand to show that the clothes we wear and the cars we drive reflect exactly who we are.